Introducing Our Next Book: To Love The Coming End

OBAC is pleased to announce that we will be participating in this year’s Vancouver Writers Fest. ‘To Love The Coming End’ is written by Vancouver based multidisciplinary artist Leanne Dunic and is  the first book of poetry that we are working with.

“Dunic has created a collection of tightly mapped poetic fault lines, topographies of loss and absence spanning immense yet intimate geologies, ecologies, astrologies, and geographies. To Love the Coming End insists on an eternal unearthing of memory, a return to remembering, however fleeting.”—Sarah de Leeuw, award-winning author of Geographies of a Lover and Skeena

“A lyric novel, a symphony in poetic prose, the work resides in the interstices of poetry and fiction and from this opening, traverses the fragile physiology of bonds and their ruptures.” —Aja Couchois Duncan


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