The Signature Of All Things


Van Dusen Garden Gallery, October 2016

The Signature of All Things begins in the idyllic estate of White Acre; a botanist’s paradise akin to Van Dusen Gardens. The artists of Open Book Art Collective worked with a variety of themes that are curated here in our art forms much like field studies and specimens we have gathered. The artwork is categorized in general epochs of Alma’s life cycle; what she describes as “human time”. 


Kristin Voth’s cyanotype prints are a delicate collection of specimens found near the places she calls home. Her series mixes scientific inquiry with references to the sacred, as well as early photography practices. Andrea’s portraits, a form of flora anthropomorphism, speak to Alma’s childhood desire to transform into one of her Father’s beloved plants. Mahla Shapiro’s mixed media printmaking and embroidery work speaks to the passage of time, independence and maturing processes.


Katrina Stock’s installation and mixed media works explore the relationship between the feminine and matter as well as the tension between surrendering to instinct and following conventions. Through eco and ice dyeing, she pays homage to a significant personal and sacred space for Alma. Laura Auxier’s intimately rendered drawings search for patterns in the natural that create the basis of mathematical reasoning. She approaches these works with an understanding of the fluidity in history between science and religion.

Aging and Transcendence. 

Jenny Hawkinson’s peculiar sculptures are specimens of longing and transformation. With age comes wisdom, maturity and release from younger expectations. Bones and dead plant matter reference vanitas and memento mori, the brevity of life. Bre McDaniel creates a link to Celtic spirituality with her veil-thin layers of watercolour painting. The Theory of the Signature of All Things along with Ambrose’s mystical longings echo ancient Celtic sentiments of heaven and earth being intertwined within physical matter.

Pictures From The Show