The Artists

Andrea Armstrong  eats, sleeps, and paints in lovely East Vancouver. She graduated from Capilano University where she studied illustration and graphic design. She spends her days (and often late nights) at her cozy studio, where she works on commissioned illustration, fine art, and design. Her paintings are usually character-driven: portraits and figurative illustrations are her thing.

Bre McDaniel  completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Emily Carr University with a focus in painting and illustration, and has always had an interest in art therapy. Her work  ranges from children’s book illustrations and music related projects to large oil paintings. Her artwork tends to elicit conversations concerning social consciousness and community engagement, and seeks to blur the boundaries of ‘art’ and tangible daily life. She is also a singer-songwriter, performing often in her hometown of Vancouver, BC.

Jenny Hawkinson graduated in 2010 with a BA in Visual Arts Trinity Western University. Her work explores the boundaries of preservation and the tenuous nature of perception as it pertains to a family history. She is interested in the material traces left by past generations, narratives that have embellished with time, and the role of erasure or absence. Integral in her process is the use of materials that have personal histories; quilting scraps, archived photographs, handkerchiefs — remnants of a collective past.

Katrina Grabner is the originator of the Open Book Art Collective and is so happy that other artists decided to join her!  She  is a self taught artist currently studying art therapy and counselling. She  creates in many mediums including, but not limited to, encaustics, fibre, ceramics and oils.  Her interests in travel, cross-cultural connections and social justice continue to inform and inspire her work.

Laura Auxier graduated in 2008 with a B.A. in visual arts from Trinity Western University. She works in a number of mediums and loves to learn new art forms but falls back to pen & ink and pencil on a regular basis. She comes from a family of storytellers and loves to create visual narratives (usually in the miniature).

Mahla Shapiro  followed her dreams and came from Toronto to the west coast to live and work as an artist. She completed her BFA at Emily Carr University of Art and Design and furthered her Art Education at the Ontario College of Art and Design and New York’s School of Visual Art. From there her inspiration let loose, and she began creating, striking a balance between work and play in her studio. Her print making, painting, and photography have taken her around the world. She has completed Visual Art Residencies in both New York and Ireland.

Cara Bain graduated from the IDEA Program at Capilano University and is intrigued by the things that people love and the things that make them different. After high school she developed the habit of drawing people wherever and whenever she could: in class, on the bus or in a cafe.  This connection with people influences her approach to design. She also finds  beauty in abandoned buildings, sad music, graveyards and dance parties.

Kristin Voth is drawn to beauty hidden in unsuspected places, like moss growing from cracks in the sidewalk, or the familiar faces in family photo albums. Some themes addressed by her artwork include recollection, alienation, and promise. Her medium of choice is mixed media acrylic painting, and she is nurturing a developing interest in cyanotype printing. Kristin’s work is deeply informed by her study of English literature and theology. She completed a Master of Arts degree in Art + Theology at Regent College.

Former Members:

Joelle Gebhardt recently moved to Berlin, Germany. She studied at Emily Carr University and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She works in a variety of mediums, but mainly drawing, embroidery and photography. Her mission is to creatively communicate concepts and narratives with traditional art mediums, alongside digital technology (and to take over the world one button at a time). She wants to lead viewers beyond their present reality, even for a brief second, and then bring them back to it with a new perspective.

OBAC Fall 2014

OBAC Fall 2014


OBAC Fall 2013

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