Open Book Art Collective seeks to create a visual/literary dialogue that is inspired by story. With mediums such as painting, encaustic, drawing, installation, sculpture, and textiles, the artists of OBAC are brought together by their passion for literature, sharing ideas, making art, constructive criticism and a desire to build a creative community. 

OBAC was formed in 2013, when a small group of artists came together who were struggling to find a work/art balance. Drawing together women with diverse backgrounds in Vancouver, BC, Open Book Art Collective has created exhibitions inspired by seven books and displayed their work in venues that range from established museums and galleries, private alternative spaces and public libraries. 

The creative process for each show follows the format of a book club and morphs into idea sharing, studio critiques and finally a multi-media exhibition. This format creates space for rich dialogue that addresses the chosen literature from many angles. Each OBAC artist brings a unique approach to concept-development, materials, creative process and presentation. Through these endeavours the collective hopes viewers will begin to see the connections between art forms, and how meaning can be conveyed, understood and felt more deeply when explored through creative dialogue.

Current members of Open Book Art Collective are: Andrea Armstrong, Cara Bain, Jennifer Sarkar, Yiya Yin, Bre McDaniel, Katrina Grabner, Jenny Hawkinson & Kristin Voth Davies

Interested in collaborating? Send us your ideas.

Contact us at openbookartcollective@gmail.com